Air Conditioners

Industrial Air conditioners

1000 to 20,000 BTU Air Conditioners all with a 5 Year Warranty

Industrial Heat Exchangers

Heat Exchangers

Heat Pipe Technology Closed Loop Design

Filtered Fans

Plastic Filtered Fans

Plastic & Metal Filtered Fans 

75-850 CFM

Moltec International

Flexible Conduit


UL Listed IP68 Rated Several Materials Available 

Plastic Fittings

Conduit Fittings

Straight, 45, and 90

Metal Fittings

Conduit fittings

Straight, 45, and 90 


Single Pole Connectors

Hi Amperage Connectors

500 to 800 AMP  Mechanically Keyed to eliminate the possibility of cross mating 

Panel Mount

Hi Amperage Connectors


Powersafe Earth Powerlock Panel Mount Connector

Powersafe Power Distribution Box

Connector Panels

5 Port Male & Female Configurations


Braided Sleeving Solutions

Braided Sleeving

Quality * Service * Value

Shielding Material

Stainless Steel shielding

Copper, Brass, Stainless, and additional

Shielding material available. 

Hi Temp Material

Hi Temp sleeving


Texturized Silica Filament Yarn Woven for Heat Insulation

EIS Wire

Wire & Cable



EIS Wire & Cable is an ISO 9001:2008 Certified & LEAN Manufacturer Specializing in Custom Cable & Bulk Wire Products

Wire & Cable Your Way

Wire & Cable

 EIS Wire and Cable's long history of engineering expertise and manufacturing excellence has resulted in strong and lasting business relationships with customers in a wide range of diverse industries. Our customers can count on the quality, service and attention to evolving needs that they would expect of a manufacturing partner. Today, EIS Wire and Cable Company operates a modern 125,000 sq. ft. facility based in Western Massachusetts and specializes in manufacturing a wide range of custom design and standard construction products-from single conductor hook-up wire to complex multi conductor composite cables.

Audio Cable

Coaxial and Audio Cables

 Audio Broadcast markets with custom cable products to meet your demanding specifications. 

Marine Pump Solutions

Pumps For Marine Air Conditioners

Marine Air Conditioner Pumps

5 Models to Choose  From up to 3600 GPH all with a 5 Year Warranty UL Listed

Total Encapsulated

Marine cooling pumps

 THE MPS MAGNETIC DRIVE SERIES OF PUMPS have been designed to handle the demanding marine air conditioning water supply environment. Each pump features a magnet impeller assembly and an epoxy encased power unit ensuring that water never gets contaminated with harmful oils or chemicals. With decades of quiet, efficient and reliable 24/7 performance, the MPS pump series is the perfect replacement pump for your marine air conditioner application.

Replacement Parts Available

Pump Parts

Flagship Marine

Water Cooled


Air Cooled


Water & Air Cooled Chillers 

60,000 BTU(5 TON) unit shown – available in 208/230, 265, 380/420, 440/460, 575 volts – three-phase, 50 or 60Hz – This is a roof-mounted unit – alternate styles available. Flagship Marines exclusive rolled 16 gauge stainless steel louvers result in greatly reduced air turbulence and greater air flow. 

Fan Coils


 All Flagship Chillers have a low voltage control module with clearly labeled LEDs advising the end user specifically what has tripped the chiller, be it high or low refrigerant pressure, freeze control protection as well as low chilled water flow.